'You Remind Me Of Timothy McVeigh, The Domestic Terrorist'


Not for the first time, we are sort of at a loss to explain how certain bewildered Wonkette visitors find themselves in the unfortunate position of reading the trash that passes for writing on this site. If you are a million-year-old subscriber to motherfuckingJuno, shouldn't you have some sort of pre-installed Internet Pornography Filter that prevents you from even accessing gutter filth like Wonkette? Shouldn't it redirect you to the Cat Fancy discussion boards, where you can help improve the lives of real people and their Scottish Folds?

So the mystery remains as to how this human even found Wonkette, but whatever, thanks for your input! (And your prayers.)

Subject: Obama/Empathy Article

From: (redacted)@juno.com

I read your article. [This one, presumably? --Ed] You must be mentally ill. How can anyone live with so much anger and hate? It is also racist. You remind me of Timothy McVeigh, the domestic terrorist.

You need psychiatric counselling. Obama is the President. Get over it!

I will pray for you.


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