This week, Michael Steele, Adam Kokesh, Clint Borgen, John Edwards, Donald Rumsfeld, Gabrielle Carteris, Patrick Fitzgerald, and Fred Thompson were all spotted being various degrees of famous at various places by our spies and operatives. Voyeuristic fun, as always, is after the jump.

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* I sat next to Michael Steele (former lt gov) of Maryland in Franklin's in Hyattsville on Saturday. Apparently, he comes in there several days a week. He kept his head down over a hard back book the whole meal. No one bothered him, but then again, why would they? Who in Prince George's County, outside of his immediate family, cares at all about this man?

* Saw the discharged Adam Kokesh at Deli Club in Claredon last night. He was wearing his stupid tee shirt and sucking down rum and cokes. He was with two ladies who seemed to be some sort of PR team, and was taking interviews on his cell phone throughout the meal. From what I heard I think he honestly believe he should run the country, kind of an ass.

* I saw Clint Borgen walking through Reagan Airport. He had a laptop bag strapped over his shoulder and a couple of college-aged girls were getting their picture taken with him. He appeared to be traveling alone.

* John Edwards at the American terminal at National on Wed morning. SS detail outside, but he was all alone with nary a handler waiting in line with the rest of the peasants (well....peasants who fly first class). Jeans, blue blazer, and of course, perfect hair. Looked like a totally nice guy.

* Saw Don Rumsfeld at the corner of 17th & L walking with two suited security types. He noted the line at Potbelly's and remarked that he regrets not buying more stock in the sandwich chain. I couldn't get up the nerve to ask if he had any other regrets regarding, for example, the 3,500 dead American soldiers, the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, the damage to America's standing as a moral leader in the area of human rights due to our policies towards torture or the abuses at Abu Ghraib, or for the long term damage being done to our military by virtue of being bogged down in an endless and unwinnable war. Also, he was way shorter than I imagined he would be.

* Saw Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea from 90210) at the Orioles game last Friday. My friends and I went back and forth about whether it was really her - somewhat because she wasn't dressed like a mid-90s high school student but mostly because she was in Baltimore (wtf?). Anyway after the game I looked her up on IMDB and looking at recent picture, in addition to her being from Arizona and rooting for the Diamondbacks, assured me that it was her.

* June 20, about 6 p.m. on Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago, I walked around the corner of one of the federal buildings and didn't realize until he had almost passed me that the tall, slightly stooped, tired-but-determined looking guy in the government-lawyer-blue suit was Patrick Fitzgerald. He was alone, carried no briefcase, papers, etc., and looked exactly like every other commuter in the Loop on their way home from work. Can't say for sure but he appeared headed for the subway stop adjacent to the building. He may have looked tired since his office is currently prosecuting two huge cases: the fraud trial of Canadian media baron Conrd Black and the biggest organized crime racketeering case in Chicago in about 20 years.

* Didn't realize it until I landed at Dulles, but was the same flight from London on Wednesday (6/21) as Fred Thompson. Or, as the teenager who spotted him in the customs line said, "Fred Chandler" from Law & Order. The former senator had a Tumi carry-on and was sporting the Obama look (suit, no tie). Appeared to be travelling w/ a similarly-attired companion whose shirt was unbottoned to mid-chest and was carrying a stuffed duty-free bag. Only word I heard Thompson say as the lines snaked past: "Alzheimer's." The customs agent told me he told Thompson he'd vote for him if he ran. British Airways also lost my bags.


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