You Supply the Pictures, I'll Supply the Culture War

Break out the siren .gifs, kids, there's a Hollywood liberal to stamp your feet about!


Hey, that's funny! Get it? "Cho," "show"? That deserves a siren right there! Was Drudge so proud of his little pun that he didn't bother, you know, getting a picture of the actual person he was talking about?


Huh. You'd think they all looked alike or something.

Politically charged Cho will go on... [DRUDGE REPORT]

UPDATE: We mocked Drudge, and now we have to give him the mad props for creative photo editing. Because that Margaret Cho. We're guessing this "undated" photo is from her anorexic pill-head days. We like her better now.

Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, seen in this undated photo, is kicking off her 'State of Emergency World Tour' at Harlem's Apollo Theater in New York [AP/Yahoo]


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