You Want a Job, Don't You? Super-Hot Orange County Republican Basically Sexed Up Whole Office


Current Republican Santa Ana City Councilman and recently resigned in disgrace Orange County executive manager for public works Carlos Bustamante is in so much trouble, you guys! After he made pretty much the whole office do sex on him in exchange for promotions, he had to resign his sweet $178,000 gig with the county, and now all the mad supervisors havesent his case to the District Attorney, for JAIL.

From the Orange County Register's original story on the whole sexy mishigas:

A second anonymous letter sent to the county and obtained by The Watchdog detailed sexual allegations against Bustamante, including naming four current and former female O.C. Public Works employees with whom Bustamante allegedly had romantic encounters in his office over the past several years. All four were subordinate to Bustamante.

According to the latest letter, Bustamante and one of the women “met more than a dozen times a month for more than a year either in his office or her palatial quarters he built for her.” The letter writer also promises “steamy, erotic pictures” of the sexual encounters will be soon posted on social media.


Other women named in the letter were promoted in the department in exchange for sexual favors for Bustamante, the letter alleges.

The married father of three denies all charges. [VoiceofOC/The Orange County Register/Image from LiberalOC]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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