You Win This Round, Colmes


So imagine how thrilled we were this morning to open our inbox and find an angry email from our buddy Alan Colmes, who, while Googling his own name, came across yesterday's item about him and macaca:

You misquoted me. I did NOT say that "Macaca" means "Mohawk". I said the opposite. And my comment that "he's from Virginia, from Fairfax County" was to point out that Allen was being smarmy my saying "Welcome to America." Who wrote this post? And why did you take me out of context?

Our response after the jump.

Well, although we love taking quotes out of context (just, you know, to be dicks), we were relying on the Nexis transcript, which seemed pretty conclusive. But we felt bad for Colmes, who's got enough problems as it is:

Hannity & Colmes viewers write in to say they wish he had been on the late Sen. Paul Wellstone's (D-Minn.) plane and to call him "the most hated man in America," "a yellow bellied communist" and, quite frequently, "gay." [Hey, calling people gay is our schtick!]

Plus, he kind of looks like the love child of Rob Lowe and Kermit the Frog.


So, you know, not wanting to pile on, we went to the video. And the tape tells the tale: The Nexis transcript didn't capture the sarcastic inflection in Colmes' voice. He's definitely not the Mohawk apologist that we pegged him as. We take back what we said: Alan Colmes isn't even-handed after all! We don't take back the Kermit the Frog thing, though. There are limits to our magnanimity. And anyway, doesn't this quibbling just distract us from what really matters here? You know:


Hannity and Colmes Video Clip [MediaMatters], Colmes' Personal Website


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