Young Love, Drag Queens, and Mountains: What More Could You Ask For?

  • Tonight through Friday, August 21: Were you emotional on Monday at the end of Screen on the Green? We understand -- it's just that amazing. BUT FRET NOT. Praise be to Comcast, you can still watch movies outside. The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival begins tonight, and features films that were made in this century, including The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, and every teenage girl's favorite, Twilight. Tonight catch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The film starts at 8:15PM. [Comcast  Film Festival]

  • Friday, August 14: If you haven't yet indulged in E Street Cinemas Midnight Movie madness, you really should take advantage of this opportunity. Tonight they are screening the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Find your inner drag queen, do some time warping, enjoy the show and remember, strange things can happen when you go out in inclement weather. [E Street Cinema]
  • Tonight through Saturday, August 29: Ah summer romance. How's that working out for you? If you're in need of a date idea, or are just miserably sad and lonely, check out the Keegan Theater's "A Generational Survey of Young Love," three short plays about love over past, present, and future generations. The plays, Love Letters, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, and False Romance: An Intergalactic Farce, may or may not fill you with angst, that is, depending on how your love life is doing these days. Tickets are $15. [The Keegan Theater]
  • Wednesday, August 19: Trey McIntyre, a choreographer, went to Glacier National Park, and unlike most people who simply go, hike and come home, oh no, he created a ballet about the park complete with spoken word, Paul Simon, men in tuxedos and other random elements. Catch "The Sun Road," an awesome interpretation of one of the most beautiful spots on this planet, at the Wolf Trap - Filene Center. Tickets are $10-$38. [The Face of America: Glacier National Park]

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