Young Republicans: Now Available without Horns and Tails

a conservative punk in the wildBreaking news from the NYT:

    With his mohawk, ratty fatigues, assorted chains and his menagerie of tattoos — swallows on each shoulder, a nautical star on his back and the logo of the Bouncing Souls, a New York City punk band, on his right leg — 22-year-old Nick Rizzuto is the very picture of counterculture alienation. But. . . Mr. Rizzuto is adamantly in favor of lowering taxes and for school vouchers, and against campaign finance laws; his favorite Supreme Court justice is Clarence Thomas; he plans to vote for President Bush in November; and he's hard-core into capitalism.

Wow! That's what I call a lead. It's the twist at the end that does it. See: He's a punk rocker who . . . votes Republican! A conservative person who does not dress like a Mormon! What a crazy switcheroo! It's, it's, it's like a feminist who dresses slutty! Or a librarian who's really hot once she takes off her glasses! Ooh, my head hurts from trying to process this topsy-turvey mixed-up world.

And the Times does this to me all the time! First, it was the college students who were. . . conservative! Then there were the hipsters who were. . . conservative! Freaky! Thank God for the Times: Clearly, they're going to keep investigating this phenomenon until they properly understand it. Who are these people? What motivates them? So many questions. . .

[A conservative punk in his natural environment. Photo: Norman Y. Lono for The New York Times]

A Bush Surprise: Fright-Wing Support [NYT]


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