Youngest Delegate Can't Vote, But She Can Get Leers

sarah bender hot delegate.jpgWho thought it was a good idea to let a hot 17-year-old delegate attend the Democratic Convention? Yeah, send the babe into the hot zone, where she's surrounded by Kennedys and Afflecks and Clintons and CNN anchors. Brilliant.

Yes, we do know HOT when we see it (even if she's a chick). Sarah Bender of Medina, Ohio, won't turn eighteen until October, but the DNC delegate is definitely turning heads in Beantown. We're thinking an Olsen Twins-style birthday countdown clock is in order.

Youngest Democratic Delegate Comes From Medina [News Channel 5]

Hottest Dem Delegate can't even vote yet... [The Backer]

[REUTERS/John Gress]


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