Your 2017 Legislative Boyfriend We Mean Hero Of The Year Is ADAM SCHIFF!

also he did one of these nice pictures (photo:Adam Bouska)

Rep. Adam Schiff, Democratic ranking member OF OUR HEARTS and also of the House Intelligence Committee, wins Wonkette legislative hero of 2017 for being the exact opposite of 2017 Legislative Shitmuffin winner Devin Nunes. Schiff is on your TV every damn day, telling Rachel Maddow or Katy Tur or anybody else who will listen what is going on in the House's Russia investigation, or more importantly, what's NOT going on. Because that's the committee where things went to hell in a handbasket very early, because of THAT SHITHEEL DEVIN.

We actually don't have a bunch of posts to link you about "Adam Schiff said this" or "Adam Schiff stomped on Devin Nunes's nuts just now and it was LOL!" (well, here's one of those), but Schiff, more than anyone else on his committee, and more than the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is the most relentless in doing the work and also the most relentless in keeping the public informed about it. Just before Christmas, he hit a very public OH SHIT button, to let people know what he thinks his GOP counterparts are trying to do to their investigation, and also Robert Mueller's investigation. SPOILER: It's bad.

We live in such strange times. If you had said 10 years ago that in 2017 we'd be living in the aftermath of an American election where Russia very successfully fucked with our Democratic process AND THAT REPUBLICANS WOULD BE MOSTLY FINE WITH THAT, people would have laughed at you. John McCain would have laughed at you. Chuck Grassley would have laughed at you. Donald Trump would have ... LOL just kidding Trump might have been a Russian intelligence asset all the way back then too.

We will highlight our favorite Adam Schiff moment of the year, when he was interviewing Dumbest Russian "Intelligence" Asset Ever Carter Page:


God bless, that was the moment Adam Schiff became our official boyfriend and also hero.

Honorable mentions for Legislative Hero of 2017 go to, in no particular order:

1) The rest of the Democratic members of the intel committees in both houses.

2) Maxine Waters, for being Maxine Waters.

3) Elijah Cummings, for being Elijah Cummings.

4) John Lewis, for being John Lewis.

5) Nancy Pelosi, because fuck you.

6) Kamala Harris!

7) Kirsten Gillibrand!

Honestly, we could keep writing names, because despite what you might hear on the news, Democrats are really freaking strong right now, and we're about to get stronger on November 6, 2018.

We can't fucking wait.

Anyway yay heroes! Post over! See you Tuesday, we're taking tomorrow OFF!

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