THEY CALLED HIM 'TURTLE': Your Alvin Greene Roundup For Tuesday, July 6

  • Today the AP has a story about Greene (who, you will remember, is the South Carolina Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and a practicing Daoist monk) with the BIG REVEAL that he was nicknamed "Turtle" in high school, according to his tennis coach, because yes, Alvin Greene was the only black kid on the high school tennis team. She "barely recalls" Greene ("A leader is best when people barely know that he exists"—Ch. 17, DDJ) and said "he wasn't outgoing and he was picked on unmercifully." But as somebody acutely more enlightened than the lesser beings who bullied him, Greene likely couldn't even sense it. If he could, it probably amused him that such people were so unnerved by a simple lack of chit chat on his part.

    This "Turtle" nickname is intriguing, however. This random website found on Google tells us that in China "the tortoise had divine attributes." "Tortoise shell is a symbol of unchangeability." Unchangeable, just like Alvin Greene. These young ruffians had no knowledge of Daoism, yet Greene exuded the nature of this important Chinese symbol to such an extent that they somehow knew he was a turtle, in a mystic sense. [AP]

  • A South Carolina millionaire Democrat and "supermarket heiress" (she's inherited a supermarket, Politico?), Linda Ketner, announced she would not run as an independent against Greene and sitting Senator Jim DeMint. And who wouldn't be afraid of running against a man who wins elections despite (because of) a total lack of effort put into his candidacy? [Shira Toeplitz]
  • The state party chairwoman will not seek re-election as she is out of sync with The Way. [Myrtle Beach Sun News]
  • And the South Carolina Republican Party website has been so struck by Alvin Greene that they are now campaigning for him. THE DAO IS MYSTERIOUS! Here is the image they made for him and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen, along with helpful instructions:


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