Your Daddy's Rich and Your Momma's Good Looking

* How do people afford DC? [Elaine Meyer]

* Oh, gentrification: "It's normally not a welcoming gesture when we move into neighborhoods with our noses in the air. It's usually not good community practice when you are afraid of neighbors who have lived there for years." [DCSavvy]

* Do you want to live in Petworth? Do you, punk? [Prince of Petworth]

* "Is that a dingleberry on Murtha's butt?!" Caption that photo. [On Rush Hour in D.C]

* "It's Summer Time, kids. God I love's getting hot out. The Nats are playin'. The 4th of July is just around the corner. There's a whole lot of skin being shown on the streets of DC. And to that end, y'all, it's time for a Blogger's Happy Hour." Oh, yes, Blogger's Happy Hour. [I Now Pronounce You]


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