Your Daily Blackwater Schadenfreude Update


Whoo! So much Blackwater news coming so fast and so furiously down the pike today! We know you don't have time to sit around reading all the stories about America's favorite ragtag band of mercenaries -- especially if you're in Iraq, where you could be shot by a Blackwater contractor at any moment! -- so, after the jump, we have a hand bullet-point summary of the hot, hot soldier-of-fortune action.

And on that note, dear reader, your guest editor signs off. Enjoy the comic stylings of Princess Sparkle Pony for the rest of the week, and be nice to Jim and John!

Iraq drafting law to end foreign guards' immunity [Reuters]

Iraq determined to expel Blackwater USA [AP]

State Department security chief resigns [AP]

Blackwater Launches Campaign Urging Supporters To 'Influence' Congress With Misleading Spin [Think Progress]

Iraq revokes security contractors' immunity [AFP]

Blackwater: Fallujah Deaths Unavoidable [AP]

Blackwater: Fallujah Deaths Unavoidable [Redstate]


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