Your Dinner With Novak

Hate yourself and have $600 to spare? Have dinner with Bob Novak!

Novak's annual off-the-record dinner with political bigwigs and a couple lucky rich anonymous douchebags is coming up quick! And word on the street (read: some blog) is, well, they're having a bit of trouble filling the seats. Novak's a little less popular this year than he has been in any other year in his long history of being a raging prick. While in olden days he could count on the brightest stars of both parties to attend his box social, this year he's got... Newt "Gringo" Gingrich. And some GOP pollster.

Muckraked says there are two seats left, so get your credit cards out, Contract with America fans! If you don't act now, you'll have to be satisfied with next year's dinner, when Novak will probably only manage to book George Allen and an overweight, intoxicated Butterstick. And lord knows you should have to pay 600 bucks to dine with Christopher Hitchens.

Quick! Time's Running Out for Bob Novak's Love Fest [Muckraked]

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