Your Happy Funtimes Palin Brawl Playset Will Keep Your Fingers Warm On Those Cold Alaska Nights

Your Happy Funtimes Palin Brawl Playset Will Keep Your Fingers Warm On Those Cold Alaska Nights

Sniveling rage donkey Sarah Palin is back on the Facebook today, braying about the “prayer shield” that surrounds her brood of Leon Spinks imitators. Sarah is very proud of her kids’ desire to defend the family and also of their “work ethic,” which they must have learned from someone else’s parents. She also offers up a link to a five-sentence post on Bristol’s blog, which, whoa, don’t work too hard, Bristol! Save some of that energy for getting drunk and punching party hosts!

(Funnily, Bristol claims she saw a story on Yahoo’s front page that her parents were getting divorced. We checked Yahoo and saw only this tale about the marital woes of Mama June and Sugar Bear, parents of the erstwhile Honey Boo Boo. Was it possible that Bristol had mixed them up with her own family? Then we realized Bristol had written this post yesterday. Oh well. It would have been an easy mistake for her to make!)

To celebrate all the joy that the Palins have brought us recently, we have created this fabulous new set of finger puppets for our ongoing series. There’s Sarah, Todd, Willow, someone wearing the gorilla costume from the train scene in Trading Places, [Bristol. The fucking gorilla is Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. Also, thanks for the hat tip for me making these awesome dick finger puppets for you, Gary. I think that you ARE the Gary that broke my Walrus Man Star Wars figure back in first grade... - Shypixel] Track, even the Palin Partymobile! Please print them, share them with your friends, or talk to them if you are lonely. (Yr Wonkette is here for you!)

Enjoy your weekend. Remember, the Palins will still be around on Monday, unless Vladimir Putin invades Alaska.





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