Heartwarming Voting Tales From Across America

Well folks, there won't be any real "news" for hours and hours today, and you keep in sending your nice reports, so we will just cut and paste and get to the drinking early. Here we have EXCLUSIVE ON-THE-GROUND EYEWITNESS REPORTS regarding a sassy lady on the bus in Bed-Stuy, an angry old Irish broad in Bethesda who will move back to the home country for John McCain, and an actor from "Prison Break"!

  • I just voted at PS 305 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I waited in line for like 15 minutes before I realized I was in line for the wrong district. Had to basically find my name on the voter rolls for the ancient volunteer, and then a poll worker showed me how to use the machine by popping his head in and going "Who do you want to vote for? Okay, well turn that thing that way!" Was a great mix of, ahem, gentrifiers like myself and neighborhood people, mostly meeting for the first time, I'm sure. Later on this morning, a lady on the bus said "Ain't no way McCain getting in! Not unless he cheat! I've lived here 47 years and I ain't never seen this many people vote!" to the agreeing nods of the bus driver.
  • my roommate and i went to vote this morning at some church in bethesda. we waited in line for one hour, which wasn't that bad i had a big gulp and plenty of ciggys. once we got up near the actual building there was a table with two obama poll watchers, luckily a crazy old woman walked up and started scolding them for "pushing a candidate down her throat" she then raised her voice and declared she was moving back to ireland is walnuts didnt win. the poll watchers reply: dont let the door hit you on the way out. this literally really happened. everyone in line had a good laugh and the woman waddled away, turns out she had already scolded the same man twice today (at 745am) they should think up something productive for all these bitters to do.
  • In a line about 50 deep, still with 20 minutes until the polls open. That's not exciting.

    What IS exciting is that I'm right behind Sucre from "Prison Break". Vote Sucre!

Thank you to Jessica for her photo of cookies for Democracy Santa.


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