Your Monthly Reminder That John McCain is a Tool

'08 contender Senator John McCain sees a bit of bad vibes from his 2000 run as he rides the "Maverick Express" through the midwest.

"Here in Iowa there are parts of the party where there's still lingering resentment over the bitterness of the 2000 race," he said.

John, of course, is totally over it -- becuase if he's known for one thing (besides BEING A RENEGADE), it's his open-minded tolerance; it's a quality demonstrated best, of course, by his love for his illegitimate black baby and pill-popping wife. Forgiveness. It's the McCain way.*

*Except for the gooks. Though in McCain's defense, he made that word up and doesn't know what it means.

McCain: Resentment Lingers Over 2000 Primary Fight [AP via WP]


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