Your Morning Whatsit: On Mitt Romney's Sad Awkward Laughter


Today, it's all about robotic fish, robotic laughter, and how robots are taking all our data and trying to become human. Just kidding! Actually it's about how scientists are looking at all the awkward things you write on Facebook.

  • There is a significant debate going on about using people's data on social media sites for social science studies. Meanwhile, I really don't care if people know how much I love vlogbrothers on YouTube. Nerdfighters unite! [The New York Times]
  • Here is an analysis on Mitt Romney's laugh that eventually looks at it from "Here's the interesting parts of being a Mormon that Romney doesn't want you to know!" perspective. But actually, Romney's just super-awkward, and only a tickle fight could get the real laugh out of him. [The Daily Beast]
  • Giving President Raul Castro's daughter a visa is a slap in the face to human rights! But, she's going for a panel on sexual diversity as a gay rights activist. People! They are complex! [Miami Herald]
  • Europeans invented robotic fish to analyze the ocean environment, which would hopefully mean less dead fish and more accurate data when it comes to pollution. But forget that, they're so cute! Robot fish for everyone! [Tecca]

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