Your Move, Creep

* Mittster figured out that it doesn't take a whole lot of campaign cash to win a race when you're the only one on the ballot. [Wizbang]

* The captain should always go down with the ship. [Passport]

* Ron Paul: One man, one vote. [Fresh Intelligence]

* The Pentagon is turning our wounded into veterans into Robocop-like cyborg killing machines. [Iraq Slogger]

* Rudy screams "bullshit" and Ann Althouse creams her pants. [Election Central]

* Evil Muslims probably responsible for Democrat YouTube Debate that hates Israel or something. [LGF]

* Russ Feingold really likes the idea of a ceremonial admonishment of the Bush administration and this is probably the last we'll hear of it. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* "The Media" will not rest until every last American soldier is dead and buried. [RedState]


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