Your New White House Press Secretary: Henny Youngman

The rascally Dana Milbank returns, and thank God, because the world needs the laughter he brings now more than ever. His "Washington Sketch" concerns that old standby of reporters who haven't anything better to write about: the White House press room.

Tony Snow, stepping over some plywood and into the new digs on Jackson Place NW for his daily briefing, adopted the Borscht Belt comics' practice of answering questions with questions.

A common mistake, confusing the Borscht Belt comedic tradition of wife-hating one-liners and jokes about spastic bowels with the Socratic Method. Socrates was a pretty funny guy, they tell me.

Alcibiades: Socrates, why cannot a barren woman become a midwife?

Socrates: Take my midwife, please!

Hey, it killed them in 440 BC.

A Growing Separation of Press and State [WP]


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