Your Obligatory Photos From The Snowpocalypse


It snowed. It snowed a lot. But everyone had plenty of toilet paper and kale, and everyone survived the storm in peace and happiness. Sure, some people's cars got stuck on hills, and some people got stuck in basement apartments, and the storm pretty much rendered the entire city helpless, but it snowed, and that was fun.

See all the snow that is covering the cars? This is why no one has work today.

Monster snow-removal truck that kind of worked and removed some of the mountains of snow that are still everywhere!

The snow may look evil, but it will not hurt you. It will not make you run out of detergent, beans, or milk. You are bigger than the snow.

Millions of people piled into Dupont Circle and threw snowballs at each other. Despite the one man we saw with blood running down his face, we think it was a successful, gun-free afternoon in the snow!


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