Your Obligatory Photos From The Snowpocalypse: Round II


It snowed again, and it snowed a lot. And this time, not only did everyone have plenty of toilet paper and cookies, but everyone also got mad at Mayor Fenty for not cleaning up the streets. Well, except for folks who work for the federal government, that is, because work was canceled for the fourth day in a row. Huzzah! The city is now back to normal (?), but will be rendered helpless once again by a new snow storm coming on Monday. Can't. Wait.

This is what it looks like when the wind blows at 9000 mph while it is snowing like crazy.

This tree was not so lucky and did not survive the big, bad storm.

The snow made walking in the street a completely acceptable endeavor. Other acceptable behaviors did NOT include lawlessness and ruthlessness, as crime was down over 50% during the storm!

Snow WILL NOT stop anyone in DC from enjoying their Starbucks.

But it will stop people from going anywhere.


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