When you're the the cool aunt, you dress up like a T-Rex and take a kid to a protest.

Happy belated Earth Day, Wonkers! Did you celebrate by walking around our dirty mud ball picking up trash and garbage, or did you traipse around some urban hellscape with signs for science yesterday? More than 600 cities, from Washington DC to Sydney, to Tokyo and Kampala, Uganda, people all over the planet came out in support of science and education. In Chicago 40,000 nerds turned out to dodge bullets and bodies while they shuffled around in the apocalyptic nightmare town dressed in goofy costumes with their kids and puppies.

BUT WHY MARCH FOR SCIENCE? Well, the Trump administration refuses to acknowledge climate change, and EPA chief Scott Pruitt is A Idiot. Pruitt has gagged the EPA, and is gutting the agency while the administration pursues energy policies that are inefficient and detrimental to the environment. They're peeing all over the bathroom wall while you're still in the middle unclogging the toilet from the last group of assholes.

With or without help, there's still some people trying to do what they can. Whether it's some olds teaching kids about the rotating rock ball that flings itself around our solar system every few hundred days, or volunteering to dig in the dirt to find dead reptiles, there's literally thousands of different things you can do after you make your voice heard. But while you do that, here's some of the people who strapped on their marching shoes and stomped around Chicago in the name of science! All pictures by me, Dominic the Intern.

These two were ADORABLE! The little one was wearing her Elsa costume, and kept talking about polar bears.

CPD was uncharacteristically calm and nice. They even let me slip past the barricade to take this photo.

Thanks, science!

The Fields Museum! It's so pretty, and the have many sciences in there.

This guy is the epitome of Chicago fashion, but he was still cool.

They're "volunteer archeologists." They spend their own money to go to places, like the Badlands, and dig around in the dirt!

Seriously, these two were the best! They were all, "OMG, science and history!"

This is what it feels like when you talk about international climate policy.

These were some BAD local students who were DEFINITELY NOT doing their homework on Saturday morning! Terrible! Complete failures!


This lady. Wow. She was by herself and marching with such pride and stoicism.

I don't know what these ladies were talking about, but this was around the time that George Soros was distributing our checks.

These filthy hippies threw their trash on the ground when the recycling bin filled up. The nerve of some people!

Viva la #Resistance!

Yo mama so dirty because Congress continues to deny evidence-based conclusions!

Dad Mode: ENGAGE

MORE science dads!

And here's some nice time, SCIENCE DOGGOS! Their mom is a biologist who works on many sciences!

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Dominic Gwinn

Dominic is a broke journalist in Chicago. You can find him in a dirty bar talking to weirdos, or in a gutter taking photos.


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