Your Roundup Title Nomination Here: Please Name the Post-Primary Thingee Edition

delegate count In a stunning surprise win, John Kerry ekes out a slim victory in Super Tuesday. Howard Dean finally wins a primary -- Vermont's. President acknowledges Kerry as his opponent even as primary voters nationwide say in exits that the "number one factor in their choice was finding a candidate with the best chance of beating Bush." [WP, USAT, LAT, NYT and NYT]

John Edwards to finally give different speech. And, despite everything, still optimistic. Says staffer: "He is remarkably resilient. His attitude is very good." His secret service agents, however, feel a pang of longing: "You know. . . we didn't even have time to get any pictures." [WP]

Kerry gets free advice on how to run against his newest opponent. Some good: "He should hold on to the newer John Kerry and not give 20-minute answers to questions," says strategist. Needs to "prove, finally, that he can fight for causes other than himself." Also could "ask [Terry] McAuliffe to take a lower media profile." (Bush AWOL comment was "a surprise we could have done without," says adviser.) But take heart, says McCain strategist, running against Bush is "not rocket science." [Philly Inquirer, BG, CNN and NYT]

Edwards analysis: Loved by all, voted for by few. Voters saw him as "charismatic, likable, polished and, to his frustration, 'vice presidential.'" Also victim of "front-loaded" primary. Will announce departure from campaign at the school of his late son. [WP and NYT]

Ignored by candidates, New Yorkers ignore election: 14 percent turnout a record low. Says Democrat exec director: "A number of voters decided they were going to stay home." Turnout low generally, exception in Minnesota, where voters are angry: "It is certainly the largest turnout since Vietnam." [Newsday, Pioneer Press]

Bush to start spending that massive war chest tomorrow. Ads will paint Kerry in the "most unflattering light possible." But don't call it a kickback: About half of the $4.5 million already spent went to Fox News and Fox Sports. to counter with its own, less well funded, ad campaign. Viewers in 67 media markets can expect to "see a MoveOn spot about five times during the group's five-day ad run," which also begins tomorrow. Kerry has own "modest" response. [ AP/Yahoo, NYT and AP/PI]

White House fight will be nasty in addition to expensive. Says GOP consultant: "People on each side think the other guy is the devil incarnate." Dems may benefit from relatively congenial primary: "The Republicans thought the Democrats would leave a lot more blood on the floor," says Donna Brazile. USAT warns "an angry base of true believers is not enough to capture the presidency." [Palm Beach Post and USAT


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