'Your Site Will Be The Laughing Stock Of Twitter'


Oooh, it's an angry letter aboutyou, the readers of this wretched clearinghouse of half-literate nonsense, who generate ignorant drivel in incomplete sentences (i.e. "comments"). Our collective fate: far worse than a King Edward II-style red-hot poker to the bum, we shall be punished by mass humiliation ... ON TWITTER.

from Laura

to tips@wonkette.com

date Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 5:41 PM

subject Here's a tip

Here's a tip.... you cater to some of the most ignorant fools I've ever seen on the web. When one of them can put a complete sentence together that is actually supported by fact, I may actually read what they have to say and take it seriously. Aren't you embarrassed to support such drivel? Did it ever occur to you to actually fact check before posting this crap on your site? Do you realize that within a few mintues your site will be the laughing stock of Twitter?

Have a great conscience-free evening.

Jesus christ, guys, what did you do?


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