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Remember: This is not a contest, it's a public service. Instead of reproducing the posters here, Wonkette will let you know what you can get away with. DIY, dude. (But have someone else spell-check.) Look for another round of these this afternoon.

First, a few favorites, all submissions (and denied slogans) continued past the jump.

They sure smell like old people

Willies are for HOO HAS!!!!

Vote ironically!

UPDATE: As with the Vietnam draft, Bush's handlers have thoughtfully provided a loophole for those in the know. You can type any damn thing you want if you use the "Town" field. Enjoy.

W: All Things to All People [Wonkette]

Blogger entries:

Boi from Troy

The Politburo Diktat

Reader entries:


Not that I'm bored at work or anything--but using the magic Bush/Cheney generator, I've generated both "Jesus for Bush/Cheney '04" and "Satan for Bush/Cheney '04." Another favorite is "Baby Jesus cries unless you vote Bush/Cheney '04."

Sadly, "We'll fry the bastards good!" did not work.

("Fry 'em!" on the other hand did.)


"Please Dear Lord, not again" does indeed make quite a nice custom poster, paid for by the Bush/Cheney Campaign.  Plus, it has a nice religious slant to it, which should keep all those religious right donors happy.  Always thinking.



I tried "Because Nixon's Still Dead" ... no go.


Fewer Dead American Soldiers Than LBJ

I couldn't make "He's Not That Bad!", but I was able to make "Putting The Fun Back Into Fundamentalist", "It Could Be Worse", and my favorite so far, which I've attached. ["We need more Dick!"]


They wouldn't let me do "Read my lips: no new jobs." I could, however, make "Read my lips. No new jobs." Apparently they're sticklers for punctuation. Also accepted: "Because a surplus is a fantastic thing to waste" and "Leave no job behind." But then I realized I probably shouldn't be doing all of this from my computer here at work. . .


Accepted: Bask in my (our) Struggle

Fool me once, you ain't gonna fool me again

Gibson_Christ in '08

They sure smell like old people

Denied: Pimp'in yo' tragedy

Unilateral Fistfucking

Compassionate Hatemongering


Someone hasn’t taken “bugger” off of the list yet, and some other words can be slipped in as combinations.  “Bugger JFK!” was accepted, as was “No more assbuggering!”


I got away with:


"Use Viagra"

"Peeing on ourselves for"

"Leaving Children Behind for 4 Years!"

"Halliburton is supported by"

"We're hiding Osama until October"

"Palestinian suicide bombers for"

"Your momma blew"

"Making the rich even richer"

"Tap dancing drag queens support"

"Keeping the poor down where they belong"


The possibilities are definitely endless!



At least a few of us are better off.

Deficit schmeficit.


Well, I had a typo on mine and correcting it has been impossible. I tried to type "The Key Words Are 'Owe For'" and accidentally did "they" instead of "The."

Now, every time I try to repeat with the right phrase, it defaults back to what I did first, even after I deleted the pdf.


Lick Bush!


great fun.  I did "I believe in the easter bunny and I believe..." and "Invade Canada, Vote...." and "Four More Years of Lies"


I tried creating

“Too Dumb to Know Any Better”


“I’m With Stupid”

but both slogans were rejected.


My God is better than your God.

Invading one nation at at time.


I'm like Jesus, only violent.

Willies are for HOO HAS!!!!

I'm an alcoholic crackhead.


Vote ironically!


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