Your Weekend Nice Time: California Makes It Easier for Lesbos To Have Gaybies

Your Weekend Nice Time: California Makes It Easier for Lesbos To Have Gaybies

Apparently yr Wonkette is now going to write about nice things every once in a while. Give us a break. It's the weekend and sometimes it is a lot of work to snark full time. On weekends we like to kick back with a littleacapella vocal version of Toto's Africa (the Editrix informs us that it is OFFICIAL WONKETTE POLICY that we like this song and who are we to argue) and some herbal tea and read nice things. Here is a nice thing we are reading today:

[A] new law will take effect, making fertility services more accessible for Californians seeking to start a family through nontraditional means. Among those it will help are same-sex female couples, low-income women and single women.

"It removes a lot of barriers so women can become pregnant using the sperm of the donor of their choice," said Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), who introduced the legislation. It was co-sponsored by Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

See? Nice! Giving nontraditional peoples and ladies the ability to make babies with the sperm of their choice is a nice thing! Wait...why couldn't ladies just use the sperm they wanted to without a law?

Under current law, any woman who wants to become pregnant with an acquaintance's sperm must verify his health in tests and undergo other procedures, rules that the Scott-Chungs view as costly and time-consuming.

Huhwhut? So, under the current law, if you like to make your babies the old-fashioned way with the penis going inside the vagina, you can use ANY DAMN DISEASED SPERM YOU WANT. Under the current law, if you are having heterosexytime with a dude but are unable to get pregnant in the p-in-v way, you can take that dude's sperm down to ye old fertility clinic and use it without testing, because he is your "sexually intimate partner." But, under the current law, if you need to make your babies with new-fangled fertility techniques and are not having heterosex with that dude, you can't use his sperm unless you go get that shit tested, frozed, and quarantined at a cost of $5K or so. The new law, which we're gonna call the "about fucking time" law, fixes this nonsense:

The new law broadens "sexually intimate partner" to include a donor whom the recipient knows and whose sperm she has already used to try to conceive at home.

SUPER NICE. Super easy, too, and apparently the bill sailed through the California Assembly with the only opposition coming from the California Right to Life Committee, which makes total sense because nothing says "right to life" like "fucking with people who want to get pregnant really really bad."

Bravo, California. Thank you for today's nice thing.



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