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Weekly Top Ten

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Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Trump's Blackwater Buddy Erik Prince Recruiting Only The Fanciest Ex-Spies To Narc On Liberal Groups

9. Kansas City Mayor Turned Away After Daylight Voting Heist


7. Watch Out, America, There's THUNDERPENIS IN THE HEARTLAND!

6. Trump Fails To Stop Coronavirus Because He Can't Come Up With Mean Nickname

5. Joe Biden Will Never Be NRA President

4. Mitt Romney Coward Again

3. Kindly Florida Woman Changes Voters' Registration To Republican, Sparing Them Eternal Damnation In Socialist Hell

2. Helpful Reminder: Trump's CDC Guy Thought AIDS Was 'God's Judgment' For Gay People Existing

1. Rush Limbaugh Is Right. It Was Cruel Of Democrats To Suggest Trump Not Have Rallies Because Coronavirus.

Those are good stories!

One more kid Mexico pic:

OK that is all, go with God, etc.



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