Your Weekly Top Ten Got IMPEACHMENT For Christmas!

Donna Rose can help with all your Christmas vermin extermination needs.

WE DID IT! Christmas is on Tuesday! Last top 10 post of the year, probably, except for the one we write for New Years, of the top 10 of THE WHOLE YEAR! [Evan forgot the tyranny of the clock and calendar; HE might not be working next week, who can say, but SOMEBODY will be, and that somebody is probably ME!] Anyway, the fight is obviously not over yet -- hardly -- but let's celebrate #GoodThings. Also we have a bunch of pics of the Wonkette first family doing #Christmas.

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Also, have you been to the Wonkette Flea Market lately, in order to find some rare finds for your HOLIDAY SHOPPING for the people you just realized you forgot to holiday shop for and it will get there right after Christmas, it's cool? We have all kinds of merches, like t-shirts and coffee cups featuring your favorite candidates, IMPEACHMENT GEAR, and also just Wonkette-branded swag. Maybe there is some you do not have! GO FIND OUT.

Ready to count down the top stories? Yes, you are.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. Weep, Weep For Sad And Friendless Wayne LaPierre, He's Having A Real Hard Time

9. Melania Pretty Sure Bullying Kids Is #BeBest As Long As They're ... Famous?

8. Hope You Weren't Planning On Watching Any Cheesy Hallmark Holiday Movies Tonight!

7. Something About A Dick In The Eye, Who Even Knows!

6. Tulsi Gabbard Just Hangin' With Mike Huckabee, Like Regular Democratic Candidates Do

5. WONKETTE LISTICLE: What Is Impeachment Like, According To Dumb GOP Idiots?


3. Wanna Hear Rudy's NEW New Ukraine Conspiracy Theory? Wait, Where Are You Going?

2. Pretty Sure Trump Wrote This Pissy Pelosi Letter All By Himself, LOL YIKES

1. WE'RE DOING THIS. Your Impeachment Day Liveblog!

Those are good stories!

Couple more pics:

Candy Cane Lane.

Mama wins the ugly sweater contest, for two obvious reasons. The "tattoo" "sleeves."

OK that is all, go with God, etc.



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