Wonkette Baby Donna Rose with her grandpa, who died this week.

If you were wondering if your weekly top ten list was canceled, NO WAY NEVER. We are almost to Philadelphia for the DNC, but we must take a moment to set politics aside and show you pictures of Wonkette Baby Donna Rose with her Papa Mark, who has died. It's a sad time for editrix Rebecca and Shy and all of their family, and we are only on the road wishing we'd had a chance to get up to Montana and meet that great guy.

A good man

So, yeah. You Wonkers already are doing it, but send extra heaps of love to Shy and Becca and all their people this week. We really are a big ole family around here.

So ... and it feels weird to say it, but you know the part about where we ask for donations? If you'd like to do that, you may do so, and if you need your traditional Donna Rose Vicious Lion picture for that, here it is:


Shall we now jarringly change the tone and count down the top 10 stories of the week, chosen as usual by Beyoncé, ALLEGEDLY? Yes we shall!

1. That terrible Trump/Pence "TP" logo only lasted one day. WEIRD!

2. You all joined us very bigly for our Night Four livebloog of the Republican National Convention!

3. Hey, let's all point and laugh at that Trump "TP" logo, because we still can!

4. Donald Trump was trying to get out of his Mike Pence pick at midnight the night before, because hahahahahaha dumpster fire.

5. Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama's convention speech, because hahahahahaha dumpster fire again.

6. Your RNC Night One livebloog was all about BENGHAZIZIZIZIIIII!!!!!!!!1111ELEVEN.

7. Was George W. Bush drunk at the memorial for the slain Dallas officers? WELL WAS HE?

8. RNC NIGHT TWO: Let's bitch about how Obama broke the economy!

9. That poor Republican convention was falling apart at the seams before it even started.

10. RNC NIGHT THREE LIVEBLOOG: Mike Pence is #2! Mike Pence is #2!

So there you go. Those are your top ten most clicked upon stories. They are very good stories!

OK, Wonkers, you have one task left, and this is it. You need to sign up for the Wonkette newsletter, RIGHT NOW! It is the best of all the newsletters, even better than Groupons!

All right everybody, we will see you at the DNC! (Or at the Philly drinky thing, if you are coming to that!)

Hug the people you love, OK?



Evan Hurst

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