Hey Wonkers, know what we did today? (Today is "Saturday," of course, but we write this on "Friday," so this is a thing we did "Friday.") We made a special calendar to keep track of all the badass fun Democratic oversight hearings we are going to liveblog you! That's right, Wonkette will be your one-stop shop for coverage of all the Dem asskicking in hearings! Also we put things like "confirmation hearings for William Barr" on the calendar, because UGH, things like that are happening too. Those start Tuesday, so be ready for livebloggin'.

Anyway, this is your weekly top ten post, so you ready for that? Can you handle it? Yes, you can. Also, there are are no new pics of kids or dogs this week, because Wonkette kid was sick all week and we are too lazy to take pictures of our dog right now, shut up.

Stories chosen as usual by Beyoncé:

10. A Sunday Compendium Of Things That Don't Suck

9. 10 Things Better To Watch Than Trump's Stupid Damn Racist Oval Office Address

8. President Good Brain At The Border Having Wall-Gasms About Wheels Again

7. A Quick Explainer On The New York Times's Paul Manafort Fuckup, Because It Seems Important

6. Gavin McInnes Thinks His Neighbors Are Stupid

5. This ONE WEIRD TRICK Could End Government Shutdowns For Good

4. Cussy Congresswoman Badass Making Chris Cillizza Cry :(

3. Badass Rep. Ayanna Pressley Murders Trump On House Floor, Secret Service Notified

2. Tick Tock Motherfuckers!

1. We Knew Trump Was Probably A Russian Intelligence Asset, But HOLY FUCK

There you go! Those are good stories!

Also, honorable mention, because this is our post and we want to, and it just missed the cut, is that CRAZY ASS thing about Leonardo da Vinci and the Russia investigation. Check it out if you haven't read it yet.

Anything else?

Nope BYE.

Go with God,


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Couple few weeks ago, your Wonkette (me) ended up in the ER with chest pains because some dick 40-millionaire decided to sue us. It was a very stupid day!

But God loves your Wonkette best, because of our excellence in mommyblogging and jabbing bad people in the eye with this here pointy stick. And so the ACLU of West Virginia has agreed to represent us pro boner-like, for love and America and so can you.

Perhaps you are like us, and two years ago rushed to send the ACLU some canned clams to help it in its fight against every extremely crazy thing Steve Bannon was doing. And then you reupped a year later. And then the second year, well ... maybe that just hit at a time you were a little tight, or had to fix the water heater, or didn't feel like getting out your checkbook and a stamp.

If you are so moved, please join Wonkette in reupping with the national org today (and if you are able, to make it a monthly), as well as giving a one-time gift to the West Virginia chapter, since they don't seem to have a recurring option on their site.

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Photo by Wonkette Operative 'Captain Dirt'

Welcome to another edition of Yr Sunday Nice Things feature, where we take a break from the daily craziness so we can decompress for a little while. Today, we're going to relax with the ineffable mental calm that comes from an oddly rectangular English cow. It's really beautiful to see what can happen when people all over the internet come together to collaborate on a little art project. We call it...

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