Hello Peoples! Remember that whole thing about your Wonkette getting a new home, and all that? Well, it is still true -- and tonight, Wonkette will suffer the miracle of transmigration. What will this mean? How will you, the Wonkette Community, be affected? Will it hurt "down there"? Find out, after the jump.

1. The site itself should look basically the same, and should function in basically the same way, only better.

2. But it's a website, on the Internet, which is a computer-based system, so of course some stuff is going to be way fucked up. If you see something weird, do us a favor and check again in an hour. If it's still weird/broken, please sends us a note to the tips@ address with the subject line WONKETTE ES BROKED REPORT. (And please include your browser, browser version and operating system.)

3. YOU MAY HAVE TO RE-REGISTER TO COMMENT. We don't know, for sure. But we warned you, long ago, last month (?), that we would require a new comment system, as the old comment system is actually just our little corner of the massive, billion-user Gawker Media commenting system, and it was impossible to take that with us, plus it does not belong to us. It is Gawker's. (So you will still have your Gawker commenter logins/post pages/etc.) We are trying to move over as many of the old comments as possible. Hopefully they'll be there tomorrow. If you have a God, pray to it.

4. That's about it. Moving a five-year-old politics site with tens of thousands of individual posts going back to when Howard Dean was running for president, that is no easy task. The very good people at Pressflex and BlogAds are making this happen, with the very nice help of the fine peoples at Gawker. Thank you Henry, Miklos, Gaby, Nick, Gabriela, Tom, Levente, Scott, Zoltan, Erin, Zsolt, Jory, Christopher ....

5. And thank you nice people for reading, and commenting, and forwarding, and tipping, and for your Patience during the move, the end.


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