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This might be our favorite Reliable Source item ever.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Broadway institution Carol Channing crossed paths on the campus of George Washington University yesterday, where he was presiding over a law school moot court competition and she was performing for the school's 185th birthday. She autographed an old photo for him and posed with him for a new one. "She was ecstatic to meet him," said GWU spokeswoman Tracy Schario, "and he seemed equally pleased to be meeting her."

Yes, John G. Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, carries around a picture of Carol Channing. Because you just never know when you'll have a chance to get that signed.

Sure, his taste in musical theater is a few decades more modern than his predecessor's, but is there some sort of unspoken rule that the Chief Justice has to be the campiest motherfucker in Washington?



No wonder Scalia was passed over for the promotion. There's no way he could've sung "Love, Look In My Window" from memory.

Update/correction: The original WaPo item, in stating that Channing signed an "old photo" of herself for Roberts, could be read as suggesting that Chief Justice Roberts had this picture on his person. But a well-placed source advises: "The Chief Justice does not carry around a picture of Carol Channing. She brought the picture, signed it, and gave it to him."

Reliable Source [WaPo]

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