YouTube: A Place For Liberals

Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs and Forced Into Weight Loss Programs - all next week on Town Talk.  - WonketteDid you know that YouTube is actually a secret libtard plot to get people to, uhm, look at little videos of kittens, sports mishaps, inexplicable Japanese game show scenes and quickly removed clips of Angelina Jolie kissing other girls? This is why the "stalled conservative political movement" has finally started its own exciting website with video clips.

"It won't be easy to compete against a giant like YouTube," somebody involved in this thing told somebody else at that winger newspaper in Pittsburgh, "but if enough conservatives embrace the idea, it could become the go-to place for conservative video on the Web."

Good luck, guys! We bet Michelle Malkin would make you a video of her pretending to personally kill every single Arab and Mexican! She could wear like a KKK robe over her bikini or whatever.

Web media upstart caters to conservatives [Pittsburgh Tribune Review]


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