YouTube Debate: 'Uh Yeah I Gotta Question For Da President'

Oh hey, CNN is still having those stupid YouTube debates. The Democrat one is, we think, next week? And the Republican one is in September or something, which we only know because John McCain keeps sending us this pathetic press release announcing that he's going to take part in the "historic" YouTube debate, in September, which proves he will still be in the race in September, which is sort of his secret way of talking about his campaign even though he vowed to never talk about it again.

Anyway, check out Loser Number One in this video question/plea for help. The answer, obviously, is bomb the living fuck out of the retard colony in Ohio that's housing this dope before he somehow starts fathering children and producing a sad new strain of humanity that will make our current citizenry seem like the Founding Fathers in comparison.

This is just one of the ten most miserable YouTube submissions collected by our iron-stomached comrades at the Palmetto Scoop. Here's one more:

Oh boy. Kind of makes you want to quit complaining about Cheney and just let him put us all in the Death Camps or whatever. No real loss, right?

And what, exactly, is going on with this guy's video camera? Is it flying around his dimly lit tenement? Is it attached to a moth of some kind?

Democratic debate questions: The best of the worst [Palmetto Scoop]


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