YouTube To Set Campaign Ad Production Values Back Decades

Yeah! WALNUTS! McCain! The Club For Growth! They don't like each other and the fight is getting nasty! And now the battle has spilled over into that most public of venues: YouTube!

You know what? We fucking hate the future. It sucks.

So the Club For Growth posted this video on YouTube of John McCain talking smack about them for bringing down Lincoln Chafee. It's a raw feed of McCain rambling on while on his stupid bus or something. The sound quality is really crappy, and the camera jerks around in Blair Witch Project-style Barf-o-Vision.

The McCain campaign hit back hard with this video, in which Club For Growth founder Steve Moore jabbers manically on some horrid cable news network about how awesome McCain is, with all sorts of visual and audio distractions making it even more painful to watch than that description would lead you to think.

Remember when campaign videos were slick, well-crafted mini-movies produced by the same people who sold us light beer and luxury cars? Ha ha! Welcome to the raw upload future! Even crap like McCain's famous crypto-fascist ad is preferable, and that was clearly made by a 19-year-old Star Wars fan with a pirated copy of Final Cut Pro.

John McCain Battles Conservative Group With Dueling YouTube Video [Fox]


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