Zach Galifianakis Interviews Obama, And Twitchy Has Thoughts About It Buried In There Somewhere We Guess

Zach Galifianakis Interviews Obama, And Twitchy Has Thoughts About It Buried In There Somewhere We Guess

Here is a funny "video" of Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns interviewing one B. Barack Obama that you have probably already seen, because you probably did not sleep in until seven a.m. Pacific like some kind of slob jerk who sleeps in all day and then does something else slobby and jerky, we do not even know, this Daylight Saving Time changeover kind of did a number on us, and now we sort of suck at our "job" of typing dick jokes on the Internet and having examples of things that would be slobby and jerky. It is funny! There's at least two, possibly three, fuck it let's call it four, good loud laughs in there. Bamz is steely-eyed and pissy, it's great!

But someone on the Internet does not think it is great, and that someone is the nine fulltime staffers at Twitchy, the meth kingdom formerly Thought Leadered by pucker-faced spite robot Michelle Malkin! They do not think it is great, at all! And they would like to ... well, not explain exactly. Or illuminate. Or even get in a good SNAP YA BURNT! They would like to post like 12 tweets from people replying to some random reporter, a sound and derpy that signify nothing. Let us witness it, because for some fucking reason that is the job we bought us.

Locking up 2014's Pulitzer race, Twitchy presents ‘Saddest tweet of the month!’ Mark Knoller reveals telling aspect of Galifianakis’ Obama interview.

Here, have some post!

We would not snicker at those tweets, because they are not even stupid enough to snicker at like you would snicker at something that is stupid. They are just blank space, white noise, a formless pudding of syllables put together to form words, but words that put together do not contain thoughts. Do they have a point in there somewhere?

Okay, so a pretty good, neutral explainer of what is going on here, from Mark Knoller, who appears to be CBS's White House correspondent, we guess. So is Twitchy mad? OF COURSE TWITCHY IS MAD.

But WHY are they mad? Who fucking knows. They have like five more tweets there where Mark Knoller says he never got to interview Barack Obamz like Zach Galifianakis did, and then someone on the internet says it would never happen because Barack Obama is too stupid to ever have an interview with anyone that's not a brainless comedy person, and probably teleprompterz, and they end with the science fact of "ding ding ding," which is just a very good logical proof of whatever the fuck Twitchy thinks it is saying today.

[Twitchy / FunnyOrDie]

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