George Zimmerman Fan Club President Frank Taaffe, HLN's go-to source for commentary on the joys of killing black children armed self defense against thugs, sometimes is accused of racism.

As open- and fair-minded lieburals, we are careful about throwing that sort of terminology around, because the TRUE danger to American society, the REAL racism, is...hang on a sec. This just in.

Frank Taaffe called TV's Oprah Winfrey that n-word. Repeatedly. OK, never mind, let's strap into this shitbird.

A liberal thinkety tank, Political Research Associates, went trawling around the archives of Taaffe's White Voice Network (hmm), and found a podcast from last fall of Taaffe putting the 'n' in n-word with a muchness. Responding to a caller's request for basic information, Taaffe insisted that yes, Oprah is one a them there (warning: contains the same kinda racist language up above, but moreso).

Yeah, she's a nigger because she keeps spewing out all that bullshit. She goes over to Switzerland and she says that the lady didn't want to show her a handbag because she thought that she couldn't afford it, and she keeps just doing what she's doing. She keeps stirring the pot. She keeps trying to promote her boy Obama. You know, Obama could do no wrong. You know, it's birds of a feather, they flock together and stick together, and to me, she's a nigger. Oprah Winfrey's a nigger. She's a nigger.

If you have the three minutes, and a strong stomach, we encourage you to listen to the entire audio to hear how Taaffe leans into that word. You can hear the veins bulging out of his hateful forehead, like nightcrawlers coming out to feed.

Just to give you an idea about HOW racist Frank Taaffe is, his co-host Joe Adams is the voice of moderation here. Joe Adams, author of the "Save White People Handbook," for fuck's sake, says that Oprah ACTS kinda, y'know, with the false accusations of racism, but she's NOT one, because she works hard.

Adams also wins a special, tiny corner of mealymouthed hell by saying "the nigger-word." We are now tattooing our hand with a face being palmed by a hand with a tattoo of a face being palmed on it. We are using a switchblade dipped in battery acid, to dull the pain of thinking about Frank Taaffe.

So, are our fine TV cable news networks paying any attention, after interviewing this "human" downer cow more than a dozen times recently? Maybe; Mother Jones says CNN canceled his most recent booking, and Taaffe said on his FaceSpace that he won't be talking to Nancy Grace any more.

Don't worry, CNN. We understand Joe Adams is available.

[Mother Jones, Political Research Associates, Youtube, we are not linking to White Voice Network]


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