Zombies Find Cashing In On Farm Subsidies More Lucrative Than Voting


So the GOP has been on a tirade about combating voter fraud by dead people, even though after spending millions of dollars like the folks in South Carolina, they find out that dead people aren't voting, because they are dead and zombies aren't real. However, we now learn that dead people are storing up treasures in heaven, apparently, because they are totally cashing in money from farm subsidies! According to The Hill:

GAO looked at data from 2008 to 2012 and “found that $22 million in subsidies and allowances may have been provided on behalf of an estimated 3,434 program policyholders two or more years after death.”

In response, we can expect the GOP to cut food stamps by an additional $22 million, to make up the difference.

[The Hill]


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