10 Best Michigan Family Winter Vacations For 2023! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 1, 2023

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Radley Balko notes the incredible coincidence of all these baby ducks wandering into storm drains that they may be saved by hero cops! Thanks hero cops! (Substack)

Margaret Sullivan lets the media HAVE IT, "Joe Biden scandal" edition. — Guardian

Sure yeah fine, Trump is suing Bob Woodward for $45 million for "tapes." Wonder if Bob Woodward's ever had any involvement in "tapes" before. Okay, fine, Trump is actually suing for copyright infringement of his voice after voluntarily making "tapes." (Suit)

While everybody's wanking about JOE BIDEN MADE THE EGGS GO AWAY, I'd just like to note that the free range eggs I buy are still the same price they ever were, and according to Insider they're cheaper than the cruel eggs now. I wonder what that says about factory farming and whatnot and just kidding, there is NO LESSON FOR US HERE AT ALL.

This is an important context I think, and you should read it, for the New York Times's absolutely anti-trans "just asking questions" crusade. — Tom Scocca at Indignity

Call it the New York Times effect: Last year, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed anti-trans legislation as uncompassionate and bigoted. He just signed an anti-trans bill that goes much further, and there's more on the horizon. — Chris Geidner at Law Dork

Ron DeSantis and the resurgence of rightwing Catholicism. (The New Republic)

At the Bulwark, a fiction writer on banning history from the South (and other places) and how we are hurting children. It's very good, and I cried a tiny.

How many porns and bestialities does Florida think are in teachers' classroom libraries??? (News 4 Jacksonville)

Books: inherently porns and bestialities! (I might have already tabsed this one at you? Anyway: inherently dangerous objects.) — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Is it a good idea for Elon Musk to ignore German anti-hate laws, or a bad one? (Max Burns substack)

Is it a good idea for these actual Nazis to teach others how to properly homeschool their children to be actual Nazis? Oh lord I am so tired. — HuffPost

Hey you guys like to cry a tiny? Try the FREEDOM KITS OF YAKIMA on for size! (Yakima Herald)

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