10 Good Deeds Done By Satanists That Surprised Everyone! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 18, 2021

10 Good Deeds Done By Satanists That Surprised Everyone! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 18, 2021
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Trump is losing errrrethang. A heartwarming way to start your morning! — Jonathan Chait at New York mag

Um hm yes for sure.

Not sure if an Axios story written in an actual reported narrative is legal, but here's one anyway: Episode 1 on Trump's premeditated Big Lie and how far back he planned to claim it was stolen. (Axios)

Here's a giant laundry pile of a story with everything Trump is leaving fucked this week, but this one is partic galling:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, said on Twitter that governors were told repeatedly by the Department of Health and Human Services that there was "a strategic reserve of vaccines, and this week, the American people were told it'd be released to increase supply of the vaccine.""It appears now that no reserve exists. The Trump administration must answer immediately for this deception," Inslee tweeted.


Some dirty, dirty shit going down at NSA, where they've just installed Devin Nunes guy Michael Ellis as general counsel despite the director of the NSA himself doing everything he can to block or delay it. Ellis is a very very very no good guy to have his hooks into NSA for the rest of his career. (Washington Post)

This is an interesting nerd look on one little way to sabotage things on the way out by making Biden et al. spend time undoing their budget cuts ... to the police, among others. (The American Prospect)

Biden's 10-day memo. And none of them will be that bizarre Muslim ban on Trump's very first weekend, remember that first time he made your blood run cold? Oh, maybe it was the second, after looming over HRC on the debate stage. Okay maybe third after all of them. (AP)

The fired head of Florida COVID data has turned herself in on what are so far secret charges, so that's fine right? We're all good with secret charges? (Business Insider)

Economists are WEIRD about the minimum wage, here's them being all WEIRD about it, but now they're not as weird about it anymore. Anyway, learn a thing about how no, $15 minimum wage won't raise unemployment. — Noah Smith at Noahpinion

These are always so funny and slyly written, as E. Jean Carroll howls with laughter alongside one of her fellow blessed recipients of Trump's holy hands. I haven't read this one yet, about Jill Harth, maybe it's NOT funny and sly, but I doubt it. — Vanity Fair

The amount of money and reporters they're putting into their morning links newsletter is kind of nuts. Vanity Fair on Politico's morning thingie.

This is Palmyra Atoll, it has Spanish treasures and 1980s yacht murders with cameos by Vincent Bugliosi and is part of Hawaii even though it's 3,000 miles away. (Wikipedia)

Virgin sangria:

We love you.

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