100-Year-Old Iowa Man Loves Hooters, Hates George W. Bush

Awww.Meet John Persinger and tell him Happy Birthday, because he just turned 100 years old, at the Hooters. What is his longevity secret? "Good living, I guess. A lot of good food. Steaks, fried potatoes. I sip a little Royal Crown now and then." Ha ha, don't worry, he is not drinking down-market carbonated corn syrup. The Des Moines Register informs us that he really meant "Crown Royal." But what really helps him through life, other than booze and Hooters girls and chicken wings and his famous "fried mush," is his deep hatred of George W. Bush.

Persinger has lived all over the country -- even Alaska, and the Philippines, which was basically an American colony back then, where he was bombed by the Kamikaze Japanese! Persinger has had all kinds of other jobs, too: farmer, bush pilot, diesel mechanic, harmonica player.

After 72 years of marriage, to the same lady, Persinger is widowed now -- but he and his wife "Vi" used to come to this Hooters all the time, starting back when it opened in 1993.

Anyway, about George W. Bush: What does the Centenarian Hero Veteran of the Korean War and World War II think of our greatest president?

"Oh, God," he says. "George Bush ruined the country."

Hansen: Centenarian celebrates with women, wings [Des Moines Register]


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