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Going after trans people, Black people, and corporations-are-people people (seriously though you're not supposed to use the power of the state against even corporations if their crime is disagreeing with you in public) means Ron DeSantis never has to talk about how he wants to cut Medicare and Social Security. (Gift link Jamelle Bouie at New York Times)

Sure sure, cut Medicare and Social Security, House Republicans, wank wank, have at it! — Amanda Marcotte Digby at Salon

Oh come on, House Republicans, please don't kill the "Fair Tax" (30 percent national sales tax) in committee, LOLOLOL pleeeeeeease. (Axios)

Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with Mitch McConnell's wife (and his own former Secretary of Transportation) Elaine Chao? Dunno, but it's probably that he's super-racist about Asian people. (Politico)

Be a nerd with the Daily Beast and learn about the law New York AG Tish James could potentially use to dissolve the Trump Org like they dissolved Trump's "charity." Dissooooooolveeee itttttt.

Texas suing Joe Biden again for announcing that not even half a million people a year can come to the US from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela if they apply from their own countries, prove they have a sponsor, and pass a background check, while Joe Biden also gives Texas the "Title 42" expulsions they want. These are not people to give any inches to. — Texas Tribune

You can bookmark your anti-gay and -trans state lege bills on this Google doc here.

New York mag says yeah actually shoplifting is way up, no matter how much we yell at Walgreens for overpumping the "crime" narrative, in a long reported piece focusing on a fence and the addicts he had boosting for him.

Kathryn Tewson tried out Bob Lawblaw's Law Bot that Liz wrote about for you last week. This one's a real corker! (TechDirt)

Robyn bait: The huckster radio preacher who'd cure your cancer with parsnip, and his Mohave Desert "health spa," the famed Zzyzx. — SF Gate

I spoke too soon. THIS is Robyn bait: AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs's new prison oversight commission includes stakeholders like formerly incarcerated people. (AZ Gov)

We're all having a fine time with our gas stove culture war, but what about renters and poor people who can't just replace theirs? Like lead paint, it's a child health issue. The New Republic says Washington DC for one is proposing no-cost induction stoves and heat pumps (a two-fer for heating and cooling) for 30,000 low income homes. Meanwhile, Grist tells how Ann Arbor, Michigan, has started its own decarbonization efforts by focusing on trees, home retrofits, and solar in Bryant, the city's poorest neighborhood.

Orange upside down cake? You know I will. (Baking Bites)

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