12 Random Facts That You Probably Don’t Know But Should! Tabs, Tues., July 13

American workers are exhausted and burned out. Some employers have resorted to treating their staff like people and offering flexible schedules and other benefits. (The Washington Post)

Basic free market rules of supply and demand and making workers more competitive and expensive. Republicans call this "inflation" and blame President Joe Biden. (The Economist)

FDA will attach a a warning of a rare nerve syndrome to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The benefits of vaccination against COVID-19 outweigh the low risk of developing the syndrome, but expect the anti-vax GOP to harp on this as part of their evil population control campaign. (The New York Times)

Cuban exile Juan Mora spent 20 months in a rat-filled Cuban prison after he was captured during the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was one of the victims of the Florida condo collapse. (Associated Press)

Rich assholes couldn't hack it in real space, the one without hot dancing green women. (Salon)

Wildfires are ravaging northern California. It's unfortunately that time of year. (LA Times)

It's also smoke season in Washington. Close your windows and get AC. (Seattle Times)

Joan Walsh on why a Trump-addicted DC press will doom us all.

I can't think of anything the country needs less than the allegedly inside conversations from the alleged "four corners of American power." But [Julia] Ioffe made a splash on Friday with a piece comparing what it's like for big-name reporters—and she uses their big first names, to prove her integrity, that she is friends with them, and that this is an inside conversation—to cover the Biden White House after covering Donald Trump. And they don't seem to like it!

Oh, the shade gets fiercer. Please read. (The Nation)

HBO Max will develop a series developed as a series "This is My America," the debut novel from University of Oregon's Kimberly Johnson. (The Oregonian)

Republicans are shamelessly trying to blame Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock for the MLB moving the All-Star games from Atlanta to Denver, where people are free to vote. (NPR)

Good teachers are resigning in the wake of the latest GOP-driven Satanic panic known as "critical race theory." Can't help thinking that's part of the plan. (NBC News)

Florida's sea manatees are dying in larger than predicted numbers this year. We can also expect fewer mermaid sightings. Man, those ancient sailors were horny AF. (CNN)

I discuss the glorious purpose in the Disney+ series, Loki. (The AV Club)

Alison Roman making potato salad in her new kitchen is the content we all need.

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