12 Reasons You Should Keep Those Old CDs. Tabs, Tues., Aug. 25, 2020

Jerry Falwell almost resigned and freed Liberty University from further embarrassment. Now, he’s changed his mind. (The Washington Post)

Jo Rae Perkins is the Republican nominee for Senate against incumbent Jeff Merkley in Oregon. She's also a QAnon crackpot and doesn't bother hiding it in this CNN interview. Here's a quick taste of her crazy.

On October 28, 2017, the anonymous "Q" posted, "Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM -- 8:30 AM EST on Monday -- the morning on Oct 30, 2017." That never happened.

But when I asked Perkins about it, she responded with a question of her own, "Do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are you a 100% sure that she was never arrested?"

Go send some money to Merkley. Oregon is solidly blue but let's not leave anything to chance.

Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chair, is joining anti-Trump conservative group the Lincoln Project. Although some Never Trumpers have left the GOP all together, Steele contends that Trump "is not now nor has he ever been a Republican." The RNC platform would disagree. (Forbes)

Rep. Katie Porter made Postmaster General Louis DeJoy look like a big stupid head.

Victims of police violence and their families aren't eligible for compensation from state governments. This is wrong and should change. (Mother Jones)

More than 550,000 primary mail-in ballots were rejected this year, significantly more than in 2016. According to election experts, first-time absentee voters, voters of color, and young voters are more likely to have their ballots rejected. Probably just a coincidence. (NPR)

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly told a "prominent conservative activist" that he thinks his father is going to lose the election. Wow! Donnie boy can read numbers! "He's like, 'We're losing, dude, and we're going to get really hurt when we lose.'" His fears and our hopes are identical. (The New York Times)

Jaime Harrison is gaining ground on professional pilot fish Lindsey Graham. The Cook Political Report has shifted its projection for the South Carolina Senate race from “likely Republican" to “lean Republican." Graham claims this is all just noise from "skewed polls and millions of liberal dollars from California." Maybe we can send some more commie cash Harrison's way. (Essence)

Tip your servers a hell of a lot more during the pandemic, you cheap bastards. (Refinery29)

Florida man Matt Gaetz ran crying to Sean Hannity after the congressman got in trouble for threatening Michael Cohen on Twitter. The House Ethics panel gave him a “tsk, tsk" slap on the wrist because that's how Democrats roll. Hannity held Gaetz's smarmy hand and helped him craft a response. That's some nice state media concierge service. (Politico)

Woman married an asshole who does asshole things and it's causing a rift between her and her non-asshole relatives. (The Atlantic)

Baltimore artist Amy Sherald, the artist who painted Michelle Obama's official portrait, is immunosuppressed and couldn't safely participate in the protests against police violence. However, she contributed to the movement with a stunning portrait of Breonna Taylor that will “keep Breonna alive forever." (Vanity Fair)

Baltimore Artist's Painting Of Breonna Taylor To Appear On Vanity Fair Coverwww.youtube.com

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