12 Things Stewardesses Spot In 3 Seconds. Tabs, Tues., Feb. 11, 2020

12 Things Stewardesses Spot In 3 Seconds. Tabs, Tues., Feb. 11, 2020

Oh hey, who just remembered it is New Hampshire primary day? It is me! Get in your hundreds of buses and go vote, Massachusetts!

Fuck fifteen! Tom Steyer promises a $22 minimum wage — which is two dollars less than it would be if the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity since 1968, DAVID BROOKS. (TABCEPTION!)

Of course Trump's doing "Q" shit on purpose. He's a fucking cult leader. (AP)

Federal prosecutors would like ONE MILLION YEARS for Roger Stone, please. (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren on the horse race, slow and steady, persist, and all that jazz. — Time

What if Sanders or Buttigieg won the nomination, and then adopted her plans? "Are you kidding? Fabulous!" she says. "I think the question you're asking me is, 'If the things you want to get done actually get done, will your heart be broken?' And the answer is, 'No! I'll lead the parade!'"


This Alexandra Petri column about Electable Joe made me sad. Almost as sad as this old Alexandra Petri about Hillary Clinton. (Washington Post)

Mayor Pete, please stop with the deficit hawk stuff, it actually sabotages the economy (DEMOCRAT economies of course). (WaPo)

The FBI both-sideses abortion terrorism. You betcha. (Daily Beast)

Erik Wemple at WaPo writes up that Fox News "Brain Room" shitting on Giuliani and John Solomon that Liz told you about last week. Do check out the Wemple if you want to read Fox's statement that they sent to us after Liz's story and that I didn't post because holy bullshit words that mean nothing.

Hey remember Trump the criminal justice reformer? Yeah, that was last week. Today he wants to execute drug dealers again, are you for shocked?

And! He and his advisors are such cheaters, they tried to ratfuck traffic. — AP

Here's an interesting! Hearings on a bill in Utah to decriminalize polygamy so people can come out of the shadows. It's very shades of the immigration debate: Abusers gain power when their victims are afraid to go for help.

Speaking of: How several agents from a small outpost in Arizona, including recently retired chief Carla Provost, climbed to the top of the Border Patrol, then one by one retired, leaving corruption, misconduct and a toxic culture in their wake. (ProPublica)

Incels mad at Joaquin Phoenix. Okay.

"'Needless to say that when [Pamela Anderson] texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else and the lady was moving in,' [Jon] Peters wrote." Christ, these two deserve each other. Or not. I really really enjoyed the new A Star Is Born though, really a lot! -- New York Post

New York Times brags on (no, not bags on) school lunches. Thanks, Obama!

Elementary school cooking classes, yay Brooklyn! Nobody tell Caitlin Flanagan.

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