1/20/09: The Historic Day When George Bush Did Some Boring Thing


Hey, anybody remember anything special that happened yesterday? Any big events? Because if you are a newspaper editor, you know that the article you put on page 1 above the fold tends to be about really important, major developments, "big events," if you will, such as the inauguration of America's first black president. That's why pretty much every paper in the WORLD put Obama on its front page this morning, because what else were they going to write about? What could possibly be more important than this completely historic and singular event?

Oh right! Well done, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

UPDATE: So it looks like the AJC actually did a "special section" on the inauguration. This segregation of the news is, of course, horribly racist and offensive.

Many thanks to the shadowy cabal known as "the forces of BCO" (?) for uncovering this journalistic horror.

Obama Seizes World's A1 Supply [Gawker]


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