13 Things You Never Knew About  Bob Ross. Tabs, Mon., March 2, 2020

13 Things You Never Knew About  Bob Ross. Tabs, Mon., March 2, 2020

Buenas dias, wonkerados de mi corazon! First, please join me in giving a standing ovation to Evan, Dok, Robyn, SER, Liz and Jamie for fucking killing it while I took a week entirely outside of Donald Trump's ass. No culo de Trump para mi! Only los culos del mi amigos! Evan and the kids worked every second with the writing and the editing and the assigning and the living in Trump's ass, and now I am ready to go back to the ass mines!


Now what tab nuggets have I been mining for you (not from Trump's ass!) over this past week? A COUPLE!

Mayor Pete peaces out. (Washington Post)

Joe Coulombe, Trader Joe's founder, has died. I have a proper RIP coming, once I write it, because he matters. (New York Times)

This tech douche is in fact NOT a douche, so Rush Limbaugh thinks he is a communist. — BBC

I know Dok gave you this tab already but I've still got it open too! The tech douches at DoorDash made its workers agree to arbitration. Careful what you wish for, tech douches. (The American Prospect)

Congratulations, Trump! You played yourself! (Daily Beast)

Congratulations, Coronavirus! You played Trump! (DB)

Quick, some animals crossing a log!


Dan Bongino wants RESPECT. Because he makes more money than bloggers? Well, everybody's got something. (Mediaite)

The Bible That Oozed Oil: A small Georgia town, a prophecy about Donald Trump, and the story of how a miracle fell apart. El click, Slate!

A date, a creep, and a bar's heroic staff. Le tab ancien from our old pal Benincasa!

E Dubs Politix Corner!

America's Crisis of Trust and the One Candidate Who Gets It (Vox)

The third rail of crying sexism: Elizabeth Warren tried not to. Rebecca Traister (OLD TAB) at NY Mag's The Cut. And Traister/The Cut rabbit hole: How I Learned to (Try to) Stop Asking Female Candidates About Sexism

Every Democratic Candidate's Black Agenda Ranked. ONE GUESS who came out waaay on top. — The Root

This has been E Dubs Politix Corner!

A Buzzfeed series about the LA Dem who keeps killing young gay black men with meth.

Laura Bassett names some sexist names, we mean one sexist name HI IT IS CHRIS MATTHEWS QUE SORPRESA! (GQ)

A Royal Instagram Mystery, New York Times? It's by Caity Weaver, so I assume I will eventually read it but just ... eh.


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