1.38% of Fox News' Audience Is Black People, Which Seems a Bit High


It turns out that America's News Network, Fox News, isnot really watched at all by black people, which explains why they are so misinformed that they support this Obama fellow. This "finding" is according to some sort of math or science stuff, however, so it is probably a lie (and also Jesus has provided all of His children a live feed of Fox News in their hearts, so black people maybe just need to believe harder to see it). It just doesn't make any sense that CNN and MSNBC's audiences are about 20% black, yet the real news is only watched by 1.38% of Obama's Chosen People.

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter tweeted that, according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News has averaged just 29,000 black viewers in prime time so far this television season (9/09-7/10). That represents just 1.38% of its 2.102 million total viewer audience.

28,999 of those black viewers are likely people forced to watch Fox News in their gym, bank, or doctor's office. The other person is Juan Williams watching himself on the monitor.

Does Fox News need to do some black outreach? (SCAAAAAAAAAAARY!) Perhaps they should make their newscasts more "hip-hoppy" and "rappy"? No. From the New Black Panther stuff to slandering Shirley Sherrod to questioning Obama's feelings toward white people, Fox News is the only channel that truly covers the important black issues of our time. Surely black people will realize this and start tuning in soon. And then they will realize the truth, that one needs to be DEATHLY AFRAID of black people in general and black people in government especially. [ThinkProgress]


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