14 Culinary Ideas To Fall In Love With For Valentine's Day Dinner! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 3, 2023

If you didn't read this HUNTER BIDEN MONEYLAUNDER RENT factchecker when Liz wrote about it yesterday, you really need to. It is something! For Tucker Carlson not to have retracted with groveling (we've all been there! it's not fun! we do it anyway) is incomprehensible. SUEEEE HIMMMMM. (Free guest link Washington Post)

Good, fuck you George Santos. FBI investigating ALLEGED bilking of Gofundme for homeless veteran's dying dog. — Daily Kos

Sup, new Dem rapid response War Room Congressional Integrity Project? Oh, you have a report for me? I love reports! I love opening them in a tab, and then keeping that tab open until my computer seizes from all the open tabs seven months later! Let's all read (TWO PAGES! WE CAN DO IT!) Waste & Abuse: How House Republicans Made Millions From Flawed Pandemic Relief Program!

Which crazy lunatics are on the House Coronavirus subcommittee? These crazy lunatics! (Bulwark)

This is important, and we need to keep shouting it. "COVID can damage your heart. Not talking about it is supercharging anti-vax conspiracies." With masks off and unchecked spread and the Biden administration honestly fucking up and letting us go "back to normal," even 500 vaccinated people are still dying a day of COVID, let alone that it's giving us all heart attacks and strokes. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, IT CANNOT BE NORMAL. (And wear a fucking mask, Jesus Christ.) — The Gauntlet

Hey I forgot about Monkeypox! New York City says they're cool, it's all good, hope that's true!

Congratulations, Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro got Tennessee to refuse all federal funds for HIV prevention in the state, because trans people also exist. (NBC News)

Science thinks it might know why you're an idiot who believes conspiracy theories. It's because you're an asshole. (Insider)

I don't think it's recency bias to say Donald Trump was even worse than George W. Bush, but if you need a refresher on why Bush wasn't cute and adorable and was in fact terrible even though he still wasn't as bad as Trump, here's Oliver Willis!

Speaking of! Here's an oooold tab on how they killed the Senate investigation into our torture sites, with cameo by John Durham of the Special Counsel John Durhams and spurred by Dianne Feinstein, whom The Kids do not give proper credit for being the only damn person who tried to stop it. (Guardian)

Highest profit for Shell Oil in 115 years. DAMN YOU BRANDON! (BBC)

California, the Colorado River is absolutely already collapsing, you must accept restrictions on growing alfalfa or rice in a desert, you must. Mother Jones

Those were all horrible tabs of sadness and death. Who else needs a whiskey smash? (Liquor) And here's some cute enough dinner hearts from Mashed, click!

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