15 Dramatic Modern Victorian Decor Ideas! Tabs, Thurs., July 28, 2022

15 Dramatic Modern Victorian Decor Ideas! Tabs, Thurs., July 28, 2022

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Why is Indiana's attorney general investigating the doctor who performed an abortion for a 10-year-old patient this time? Because he can. (CNN)

Twenty-eight women imprisoned in Indiana are suing after their jailer gave male inmates the keys to their unit in exchange for a $1000 bribe, so that the male inmates could rape them for hours. After they complained, the women were punished. Be back never, carry on amongst yourselves. (Yahoo News)

Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee, has had it with us Jews bossing him around. — Media Matters

Idaho: Your Friendly White Ethnic Enclave. (Spokesman Review)

It is 2008 and we are all Bobby Ewing in the shower as the right Rev. Ted Haggard is allegedly doing meth and groping young men. Again again. (Religion News)

Do red state attorneys general want to be able to not give gay and trans children lunch? My ASSUMPTION is that the red state AG's want to be able to discriminate against gay lunch WORKERS, not gay food-eating kids? Of course, that's a mighty big benefit of the doubt on my part, you'd think I'd learn to stop doing that by now. — NBC DFW

Why the January 6 hearings are such great TV. (Vox)

House and Senate midterm poll thingies: It's looking up, according to polls! "Reawakening the anti-MAGA majority." — NDN

To fight back against voter suppression, sue ... the Census Bureau? This NAACP lawyer thinks so! Let's do it you guys, let's all sue the Census Bureau. (Politico)

Joe Biden was doing fuckin amazing on judges. So, what's going on with that? Well. — The American Prospect

LOL blue slips. Read the exhaustive list of all the times Democrats got in the majority and hamstringed their own presidents with blue slips, and every time Republicans took the majority and did the opposite. Hint: It is all the times. (Wikipedia)

Hey, you know how all the rivers and reservoirs are running out of water? Turns out, we can stop that if we stop sending the water to fossil fuel plants. — Food and Water Watch

Modern Victorian? I will click all your slideshow, Better Homes & Gardens!

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